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University of Texas at Austin

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            Information Systems


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o   “Individual Learning and Imitation and Organizational Knowledge,” with J. Grahovac; Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 2010.

o   Assigning Priests to Parishes in West Texas” with L. Lasdon, J.S. Dyer and  L. Maiman; INFORMS Annual Meeting, November, 2006.

o   “Fundamental Objectives and Proxy Attributes in Preference Models,” with J. Dyer and J. Jia; IFORS 2005, July, 2005.

o   “An Empirical Investigation of Risk Value Theory,” with J. Dyer and J. Jia; INFORMS College on Simulation, November, 2001.

o   “A Fully Compensatory Model for Ranking and Selection for Multiple Performance Measures,” with D.J. Morrice, and P. Mullarkey; INFORMS College on Simulation, November, 2000.


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o   Co-chair INFORMS Session “Information Systems and Decision Analysis”, Salt Lake City, May 2000.